Books on the writings of Calvin:

  • Wulfert de Greef, The Writings of John Calvin, Expanded Edition. An Introductory Guide. Translated by Lyle D. Bierma. Louisville / London: Westminster John Knox Press, 2008. See for the missing numbers of the pages in ‘Chronological Index of Calvin’s Writings’:
  • Rodolphe Peter and Jean-François Gilmont, Bibliotheca Calviniana; Les oeuvres de Jean Calvin publiées au XVIe siècle. This bibliographical work exists of three volumes: I. Écrits théologiques, littéraires et juridiques 1532-1554; II. Écrits théologiques, littéraires et juridiques 1555-1564; III. Écrits théologiques, littéraires et juridiques 1565-1600. They were published in Geneva: Droz, in 1991, 1994 and 2000 respectively.
  • M. Bihary, Bibliographia Calviniana, Praag 2000 (third edition). This book gives a survey of the works of Calvin and their translations into German, French, English and Hungarian from 1850 to 1997.

Editions of the writings of Calvin:

  • Ioannis Calvini opera quae supersunt omnia. This edition of the Opera Calvini consists of 59 volumes. G. Baum, E.Cunitz, and E. Reuss took care of the publication in the period 1863-1900. The Opera Calvini are involved in the Corpus Reformatorum, volumes 29-88.
  • You can consult the Opera Calvini via the website http://edwards/yale/edu/node 130 (John Calvin, Calvini Opera) and via
  • A new edition of all of Calvins writings is appearing, under guidance of the presidium of the international congress on Calvin, in Geneva by Librairie Droz (Ioannis Calvini Opera Omnia Denuo Recognita). Since 1992 nineteen volumes have been published.
  • An important supplementation to the sermons of Calvin, which were involved in the Opera Calvini, is the series Supplementa Calviniana, Sermons inédits. Ever since 1961 eleven volumes have been published by Neukirchener Verlag in Neukirchen-Vluyn.
  • Librairie Droz in Geneva edited in 2003 a cd-rom with polemical and pastoral treatises of Calvin. Those treatises were published in Geneva in 1566 in the French language in the book Recueil des opuscules, C’est à dire, Petits traictez de M. Iean Calvin. Les uns revues et corrigez sur le Latin, les autres translatez nouvellement de Latin en François.
  • A few writings of Calvin and the text of the Institutes (1536 and 1559) are involved in the five volumes of the Ioannis Calvini Opera Selecta. Petrus Barth, Wilhelm Niesel and other ones were the editors of this Opera Selecta which appeared in the period 1926-1952 in Munich (Chr.Kaiser).
  • In the series Calvin-Studienausgabe writings of Calvin have been published in the original language (French or Latin) with a German translation on the pages at the right side. Eberhard Busch and other people have given an introduction to the involved writings. Since 1994 Neukirchener Verlag has published eight volumes.

Standard Books

  • A few standard books which are important for the study of Calvin are mentioned on the site of the Henry Meeter Center.


  • An excellent database for all kinds of literature in connection with Calvin and Calvinism may be consulted via the Henry Meeter Center (see: Calvinism Resources Database).
  • Paul Fields publishes a Calvin Bibliography every year in the November edition of Calvin Theological Journal. Older surveys may be consulted at the The Calvin Bibliography website.